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Dec 2016 - Illustration - Best dancehall Singles of 2016, Large Up

Dec 2016 - Book Launch - Dancehall Colouring & Activity Book w/ LargeUp

Dec 2016 - Interview - Visual Culture,

Nov 2016 - Illustration & Animation - Black Di Dancea's Dancehall Mixtape

Oct 2016 - Installation - Everything is Everything @ Toofprints, Alice Yard

Oct 2016 - Independent Art Fair - The Other Art Fair Sydney

Jun 2016 - Illustration - Poster Design for Murlo @ The Art School

Mar 2016 - Group Show - Digital @ Natinal Gallery of Jamaica

Mar 2016 - Interview - Art Pharmacy

Dec 2015 - Zine - Stylish Moves Vol 3

Nov 2015 - Illustration - Toppa Top 10: Drake’s Most Dancehall Moments

"Art at the collision of painting, design and Jamaican Dancehall culture"

" Sydney-based artist Robin Clare’s work riffs on the colour, rhythm and repetition of dancehall music and the popular culture of her native country. Expect a heady culture clash of blaring hand-drawn typography, bold large-scale paintings, screen prints and a jungle of pop art, comic book, cinematic and advertising influences. The conceptual underpinning beneath this criss-cross of influences is the nature of cross-cultural exchange between Jamaica and the United States, particularly a 1950s publication, Bulls Eye, by comic artist team Simon and Kirby.

Clare has exhibited across London and Sydney and works at the edge of the map between contemporary art and graphic design, producing zines and illustrations for t-shirts. "

- Lauren Carroll Harris for Concrete Playground, Sydney

Spice Painting with music